VisioScientiae is a spin-off of the University of Cagliari. Its founders are Computer Science Researchers and Trading Experts with strong curriculum in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Classification Systems, Sentiment Analysis, Big Data, Semantic Web, Data Mining, Trading Systems. Each founder has also a strong experience in the creation and development of successful international and national companies within the ICT sector.


VisioScientiae has been founded to exploit the state-of-the-art of the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies and algorithms to create and deploy innovative services and applications.
Among the application fields where the AI-powered algorithms and systems are experimented and deployed with unrivalled levels of performance, we can list: Robo-Trading, Smart Mobility, Medicine & Healthcare, Social Media.


The roots and Polar Star of the company are summarized by its name (VisioScientiae means “the Vision of Science” in Latin language).
We strongly believe that a scientific approach for the forecasting and risk management in Robo Trading, for the automatic detection of anomalies from traffic road video sequences, for the automatic classification of diagnostic exams, for the prediction of the popularity of an Instagram Post, and so on, fueled by the disruptive growth of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies and cross-pollinated with domain specific competence and experience, is the key to unprecedented performances and opportunities in each of these domains.