VisioScientiae has been involved in the following projects.

  • Computer Vision platform for smart mobility
  • Leveraging on urban video surveillance systems and artificial intelligence models, it automatically prevent, identify and report traffic anomalies and accidents
  • Design, development and deployment of the software infrastructure
 Artificial Intelligence for Cancer detection and Staging
  • Computer Vision platform for rectal cancer segmentation and classification from ultrasound images
  • Artificial Intelligence engines design and development
 IoT and Blockchain for safety improvement in construction
  • End-to-end platform for the automatic control of PPEs wearing and the certification of production process steps
  • IoT hardware and software system design and implementation
  • Design and development of the back-office software infrastructure
  • Design and development of the blockchain integration

AlmostAnOracle – AI and Big Data Algorithms for Financial Time Series Forecasting (POR FESR Sardegna 2014-2020)

  • Machine/Deep Learning for stock market forecasting